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Thursday June 20th 2024

Frank Reflections: Racist stereotyping and profiling detract apprehension of real perpetrators

By Frank Erickson

Imagine if the FBI was spying on, or as our media calls it “monitoring,” young white college and high school age students as potential future terrorists. Think of the outrage white parents would have if the FBI was viewing their children or potential violent terrorists”¦and this was being done based only on ethnicity. Yet this is exactly what is being done to local young people in the Somali community.

The January 20th Star Tribune has two articles about our Somali community in it. A front page article about “Visa backlog keeps Somali families separated” and a Los Angeles Times article reprinted, titled “Al-Qaida is again active in the U.S. Somalis from Minnesota are among potential recruits the FBI monitors.

As I run around South Minneapolis, I see young people of many different ethnic backgrounds, yet I see one common bond, they are all the same! They all have their phone things, they all like hanging out with friends, they all like junk food, Cheetos seems to be a staple”¦ and all of them do not dress properly for the winter weather. Yet the Somali young people are viewed as possible terrorists; even though most of the terrorist acts of mass-murder on American soil over the past 10 years have been done by white males.

People in Los Angeles are now viewing our Somali community in what way”¦in a positive way, no, of course not. As far as I can see, it is not our local Somali community that continues to blow up children with missile strikes in Afganistan— how long can you blow up children and still claim to be fighting terrorism and practicing it?

How long can you blame the Taliban for your own reckless use of lethal violence? The reality is the freedom to kill, the lazy convenient excuse is “war.”

All Somalis are seen as linked to Al-Qaeda until they prove to the U.S. government otherwise. People coming from Norway and wanting to get a visa, was there a backlog of visa applications, after the white male from Norway killed over 100 people in a terrorist act. Were people from Norway having to work extra hard to prove to our government that they were not connected to this white male terrorist because of their ethnicity?

As usual, whites do not trust blacks, and their freedom and movement is restricted. Those in charge in Norway, have admitted that they were “monitoring” that small ethnic Muslim population in Norway, as they white guy built up an arsenal. He lived in the city, but was buying large amounts of fertilizer, but this never raised a red flag, they were too busy profiling.

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