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Monday May 27th 2024

Words of inspiration and photos of this year”'s MayDay Workshops


Mayday Parade, Sunday May 4th at NOON!

Photos and Back Page design and layout assistance by Clarasophia Gust, Junior, South High School

“The more clearly we can focus our attention on the wonders and realities of the universe about us, the less taste we shall have for destruction.”
”“ Rachel Carson

BYI Rebirthing Community CHAT and Communities of Light Coop member, Raymond Jackson, rose at the first May Day community brainstorming meeting and said, “What do we want?—SOLAR POWER!”Â  That led to wonder-full, joyful thinking about “SOUL-ER POWER”. A combination of Sun Energy and Heart Energy.  Next came the idea of Soul Train!


This train features the solar lantern and community weaving work of Communities of Light and ushers in the turning of heart energy and action toward the health of all, just as the great wheel of Sun turns our days into years.

A SOUL-er Train dances in joyful defiance against the dangers posed by then Oil Trains rolling through Minnesota these days.  An Oil Spill wreaks havoc with all kin in the ecosystem for decades. But, a Solar Spill results in everyone saying, “WHAT A BEAUTIFUL DAY!”

Hop on board of this Soul Train! Everyone welcome here.

If we “listen into” the Silenced Spring, what might we discover? Open your perception with all your senses ”“ your eyes, ears, hearts, minds ”“ The tiny bees are telling us that something is amiss. Their illness is an indication of a much bigger problem.

The ear is associated with the spiral, the whorled shell and the sun”¦ the seat of memory, receptivity, inquisitiveness, and awakening.

The University of Michigan Symbolism Project

“Only within the 20th century has biological thought been focused on ecology, or the relation of the living creature to its environment. Awareness of ecological relationships is- or should be ”“ the basis of modern conservation programs, for it is useless to attempt to preserve a living species unless the kind of land of water it requires is also preserved. So delicately interwoven are the relationships that when we disturb one thread of the community fabric we alter it all ”“ perhaps almost imperceptibly, perhaps so drastically that destruction follows.”

-Rachel Carson Essay on the Biological Sciences, in Good Reading (1958)

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