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Friday March 1st 2024

“Get-Togethers” Enliven Community

Many Minnesotans romanticize and await the Great “Get Together” Minnesota State Fair as a signal of end to summer and of ”˜back to school” and Fall. 

Many residents of South Minneapolis begin “get togethers” much earlier beginning at MayDay and happening every week somewhere throughout the neighborhoods. The “get-togethers” range from family bar-b-ques to block parties, park festivals, independence day events, National Night Out and, of course, watching sporting events at local parks and stadiums.

Some “get togethers” happen spontaneously, others are planned months ahead and some are annual repeats replete with traditional games and foods.

The photos here are of the 17th Avenue ”˜Tween 27th and 28th Streets Block Club that began their 3 or 4 for this summer on May 10th. Their block club “get to together” depends on the hosting leadership of Rose Gbadamassi with dependable back-up help from Claudia Sagos who also took these photos.

Larger festivals this summer are:

East Phillips Fest June 22nd

Midtown Phillips Festival 

National Night Out August 5th

Mad Dads Senior Pride Day August 15th

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