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Tuesday March 5th 2024

Frank Reflections: “”¦be taxed on what you burn, not on what you earn.”

By Frank Erickson

This is puzzling”“liberals who believe climate change is real, have the same energy consuming lifestyles as climate change deniers; what good is a belief if you do not act on it?

Based on actions alone, how could you tell the difference between a liberal Democrat who believes climate change is real and a climate change denier”“let”'s see, they both drive their cars all over the place, fly in airplanes, have air conditioning, nothing sucks more power (check your electric bill) from the power plants than air conditioning. And power plants are the number one cause of climate change. Automobiles are number two.

A Democrat will say, “climate change is just terrible,” yes, it is, and so are you because you are that climate change.

Well, I”'ve just gone beyond being a blowhard. I”'ll let Al Gore get the last word”¦I think. “You should be taxed on what you burn, not what you earn.” Oh! Oh! So profound, that would really help clean things up, tax the hell out of what we burn, that”'ll make us all think twice before cranking up the a/c or driving to Yellowstone. Believing climate change is real is not enough.

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