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Sunday March 3rd 2024

Warblers of the World

By Peter Molenaar

Flitting about within the fronds of my garden”'s crimson red okra, so tiny it was. Soft grays of wing, green and gold of body, its rapid head/eye movement processed a world far beyond the realm of my own slow wit. Most precious gift”¦ Come back!

Members of the Audubon society have met at the East Lake Library. They are planning a street demonstration to demand bird-safe glass at the new Vikings Stadium. SAVE THE BIRDS ”“ SAVE THE PEOPLE ”“ SAVE OUR PLANET!

A bird of similar feather was V.I. Lenin. He wrote an article in 1912 condemning a German firm which specialized in providing strike breakers, i.e., criminal hooligans. This firm was owned by one Ludwig Koch. Curious?

Meanwhile, an ISIL has been spotted. Truthfully, an ISIL is not some type of bird, but rather it is another “monster of our own making.”

The ISIL sings the following song:

“If a mujahid kills a single man with a knife, it is a barbaric killing of the ”˜innocent.”' However, if Americans kill thousands of Muslim families all over the world by pressing missile fire buttons, it is merely ”˜collateral damage.”' The countless accounts of American soldiers executing families and raping women under the sanctity of the U.S. military and Blackwater [justifies executions as retribution].”

Pause, please.

The Peace Movement is then quite correct to declare: MORE WAR MEANS MORE EXTREMISM. Sadly, the policy of “containment and limited intervention” will give way to “boots on the ground””¦again the “quagmire.” Working class people will pay the price.

Question of the day: Does the militarization of the police suggest that it is best to elect liberal Democrats to local office as we go forward? For the answer, one might look within the red okra and consult the little bird.

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