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Tuesday March 5th 2024

Disparities between White Supremacists, Somali-Americans today, and Dakota people 153 years ago


How can White Supremacists who actually tried to kill people, who actually put bullets into five Black men of Black Lives Matter, not be charged with attempted murder”¦yet five Somali”“American men are fighting charges of attempted murder and they never shot anyone; they tried to plan a terrorist attack where they would try to kill people””they only tried to go to Syria to fight for ISIL.

How can White Supremacists who were part of the group who tried to kill people, get to go home after being questioned by the police, because they were not “at the scene of the crime” yet the five Somali-American men were not at any scene of a terrorist act, but they do not get to go home.   They may face decades in prison.

How can Whites who tried to kill people get lesser charges than Blacks who didn”'t try to kill anyone, but only tried to join a terrorist group?

How can Whites who are actually in a terrorist group and doing terrorist things, like trying to murder people, be in less trouble than blacks who only tried to join a terrorist group?

And for those being critical of Syrian men fleeing Syria and not fighting ISIL, how would they have defined Dakota men fleeing this area and not fighting the invading Whites?  Would they see them the same as they see the fleeing Syrian men””that they did not stand up and fight the invading evil, doing what is best for the world?

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