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Saturday May 18th 2024

The Big Bang and Bernie

By Peter Molenaar

A shop called Mayday Café exists not far from the center of the universe.  Various political types are found there, including some radicals.

All are welcome.

December 17, 2015”¦

A friend was anxious over a forthcoming exam on the subject of the Big Bang Theory, hence an invite to a pastry with coffee.  I offered that the totality of matter had not been, for the first half of eternity (!) confined to one small spherical spec, after which, having changed its mind (?) it went BOOM.

Indeed, the theory in question presents a splendid example of the ”˜narrow empiricism”' associated with bourgeois science.  Ask them what went on before the bang.  Their answer: “Duh”¦we don”'t know.”Â  Yet, based on their observations of the “known universe,” they have propagated a wildly irresponsible conclusion with cosmic ramifications.

So, what actually is going on here?

Let us concede that some 13.8 billion years ago, a very big explosion did occur.  However, not even for God”'s sake did this event originate from a ”˜static singularity.”'  No”¦and lucky for us the ”˜eternally expanding universe”' is not happening either. True, our black holes might be leaking a bit, but trust me, those matter suckers will soon enough convene themselves to commence the next contraction phase”¦moving inexorably to that nanosecond of maximum compression, and then again BANG, ad infinitum.

Friends and neighbors, the universe oscillates within the cosmos.  As we come to recognize change as the eternal constant, we become consistent with ”˜dialectical-materialism,”' i.e., the philosophy elaborated by Marx, Engles, and Lenin.

“There can be no straight and pure path to socialism,” said Lenin.  So, all things considered, at this time, I suggest we walk with Bernie Sanders.  Frankly, the next Big Bang will take a while to develop.

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