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Monday May 20th 2024

Art Pollinators engage neighbors:creating art, connecting across barriers, increasing safety, and embellishing beauty

by Patrick Cabello Hansel

How can we make our community safer and more beautiful?  How does art build connections across barriers of language and culture?  What are the key issues facing Phillips?

These are some of the questions that young artists with St. Paul”'s Lutheran”'s Semilla Center for Healing and the Arts will be asking this summer.  They will be interviewing residents and decision-makers in Midtown Phillips about how they see their community and environment, and how they interact with their community and environment.

These youth artists will be serving as “art pollinators”, engaging neighbors in creating art for their neighborhood.  From mosaics on planters and garbage cans, to photo exhibits to the 3rd issue of The Phoenix of Phillips.

Are you interested in being a pollinator of the arts? For more information, e-mail, call 612-724-3862, or come to St. Paul”'s Block Party (2700 block of 15th Avenue) on July 23 from 10 am to 2pm.

And remember: we are still receiving submissions for the next issue of “The Phoenix of Phillips”.  We welcome children, youth, adults and seniors of any writing level to submit their poems or essays to, or mail them to 2742 15th Ave S.  Minneapolis, MN, 55407.

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