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Thursday June 20th 2024

My Talk With June Bug Regarding Non-Violence

By Peter Molenaar

Hah!  June Bug, you have come to rest your long forelegs across a rumple of my jeans”¦evidently not to bite me.  Alright then, it seems we shall enter a state of mutual contemplation.  Are you aware of the violence in this world?


“The LGBT community has stood side by side with the American-Muslim community during challenging and difficult times.  We stand together against hatred, violence and demonization of entire communities.” ”“ Jalani Hussein, Executive Director of the Minnesota Chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (as found in Alondra Cano”'s NOTICIAS).

Do you wonder if I, a proponent of socialism, am also an advocate for violent revolution?  No, marvelous creation of the evolution of matter, God”'s gift to me, I am not.  But neither am I a pacifist, nor do I consider the philosophical concept of “a just war” to be entirely passé.  Yet in the context of our mutual homeland, I must be committed to non-violence.


We all of us live beneath a massively armed state which serves a profit driven oligarchy.  Yet, for the sake of the whole living planet, we cannot shirk our duty to “wrest by degrees all capital from the bourgeoisie” by “winning the battle of democracy.”

So, it is then a matter of necessity that we proceed in stages by non-violent means.  For now, we will cast the vote against Trump, even as we consolidate the Sanders forces within the Democratic Party, with the door left open to a Labor- led third party.  Naturally, there will be all manner of street demonstrations as well.

Oh, you ask me now:  What if the capitalist class turns to violence?  John Bachtell, current chairman of the Communist Party USA says:   “It should be met with greater non-violence, mobilization and involvement, unity, political consciousness, defense of democracy and moral authority.”Â  I will add that we must learn to put flowers in the barrels of their guns.

Little June Bug, you appear to agree.  Well okay, I love you too.

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