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Wednesday June 12th 2024

“Peace to all who enter here.”Â  What is this large, old house at 25th Street &18TH Avenue?



This large, old building may seem a bit out of place in our community or even a bit unfriendly. However, if you listen closely when you walk by you might hear children giggling, or making music, or running around on those very old, sturdy wooden floors. You might see parents and grandparents walking inside for a meeting or a family night ”“ it happens all the time.

This is Southside Family Nurturing Center, and for over forty years, teachers have been helping Phillips Community”'s children get ready to be successful in kindergarten and beyond. Children from the age of 16 months to five years arrive at Southside in the morning to learn what they need to know to move on to kindergarten ”“ how to trust themselves and others, how to share, how to disagree with someone and not yell or hit, how to become part of a noisy, happy, healthy group of children. And their parents come to learn too.

Southside believes in the strength of families and community, in nurturing children, and in helping each family to work toward goals they set for themselves. No parent sets out to be angry or impatient, but sometimes the stress of life gets to be too much. That”'s why this building is also where parents can come for support and help building the skills they need to be the best parents they can be.  Through home visiting, families get an extra boost of help and support!

Sometimes it feels like all of life”'s problems are being thrown at you, on top of trying to a good parent.  That can be overwhelming, making you feel alone and isolated. That”'s why Southside has Education and Support Groups for parents three times each month, as well as individual therapy for parents and children.  Children at Southside grow strong and filled with confidence, and so are their parents. That”'s what Southside is.

If you would like to know more about Southside Family Nurturing Center”'s mission,  you want to step inside for a tour the building, or if you want to get involved, just give us a call at 612-721-2762. Come and find out more! We will be glad to invite you through our doors that exclaim: 

“Peace to all who enter here.”Â 

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