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Wednesday June 12th 2024

Cultivating Heavy Soil

By Peter Molenaar

Transforming the USA along socialist lines is like propagating a garden in heavy soil.  Dense soils tend to impede germination and root development.  Yet, when properly conditioned, a “clay soil” is the most fertile and will produce glorious results.

Marxism teaches that external factors are the conditions of change, while internal contradictions are the basis.  If things are not right, the seed will not deliver us the flower.  Might hard work and perseverance render our desire?

As it happened”¦

An elder Korean woman from the community garden kindly gifted me several seed packets from her homeland.  The English label read “Blue Bell Root.”Â  In addition to its lovely flowers, this plant produces roots which will cure most diseases and extend our life spans.  So, the work was cut out for me.

Available to me were several raised beds which, since an early harvest of kimchi radishes, had been fallow beneath grass clippings and a top layer of composted cow manure.  So then, turn with spade, consolidate and chop with rake, deep hand trowel to expose and obliterate remaining clods, thoroughly mix ingredients until volume has doubled, reform bed with rake, shore up bed sides with foot, plant seeds, add water.

Such is the nature of the conscious factor within the revolutionary process.  But one”'s own consciousness means only so much, while mass consciousness will someday move mountains.

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