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Monday July 15th 2024

Touring Exhibit by Alley Communications DID YOU KNOW?

For the 2017 Neighborhood Open House event at the American Swedish Institute, The Alley Newspaper put together what we think might be the beginning of an ongoing “DID YOU KNOW exhibit” that illustrates some of the incredible facts that form the 150 years of history of the Phillips Community, in particular. We believe that all of us, those of us who live here and those who may be visiting our community for the first time, need to understand the vibrancy and diversity that has been our strong history for all these years.

Folks living outside of our area often talk about our community in ways that represent only the more negative or discouraging activities. Instead, if we use our own voices, images and stories and lift up many of the very amazing facts and real parts of our history, we can dispel the narratives and at the very least, resist the harm those stories can do to us individually and collectively.  It is a fact that learning about and lifting up this incredible history can contribute to our overall health through social cohesion and connection to each other and to history of this geographic area. We estimate that at least 300 people toured our exhibit on Wednesday, December 13th at ASI.

Here are three of the Did You Know exhibit posters:


The Phillips Community has been the home to several newspaper publishers or newspapers?

1. The Svenska Amerikanska Posten Newspaper was purchased and made successful by Christiana and Swan Turnblad who built the castle that is now The American Swedish Institute and 2615 Park Avenue.

2. The Minneapolis Journal began in 1878 and was owned by Herschel V. Jones from 1908 to 1928 and resided at 2501 Park Avenue.

Home of Cowles Family 2318 Park Avenue and now Men”'s Center

3. John Cowles, Jr. family resided at 2318 Park Avenue until the mid-1980”'s and purchased the merged Minneapolis newspapers, The Star and The Tribune, and added the Minneapolis Journal in 1939.

4. The Alley Newspaper began in 1976 in the Almond Tree House (previously the Dominican Sisters Convent) at 2448 18th Avenue South.


The Phillips Community hosts one of the most amazing cemeteries named Pioneer and Soldiers Cemetery where:

”¢ Black and White Civil War soldiers are buried. There are 8 known African American Civil War Veterans and two “Buffalo Soldiers”.

Harvey Burk, Lawyer and Manager of The Appeal Newspaper buried at Layman”'s Cemetery now owned by City of Mpls. and renamed Pioneers and Soldiers Cemetery at Lake Street and Cedar Av.

Ӣ There are African Americans (identified thus far) buried at the Cemetery including Harvey B. Burk, lawyer and manager of The Appeal Newspaper.

Construction of the Sears building, note horse drawn wagons; now the Midtown Exchange including Midtown Global Market at 2900 Chicago Av and 920 E. Lake St.


The Phillips Community has been home to several hospitals!

1. Lutheran Deaconess

2. Northwestern Hospital and now Abbott Northwestern Hospital which is part of Allina Health, the Hospitals and Clinics conglomerate that began in Phillips and is now a large part of Midtown Exchange at 2900 Chicago Avenue.

3. Mount Sinai

4. Sister Kenny

5. Children”'s Hospitals MN

6. Shoe Hospital

Shoe Hospital at 14th and East Franklin before demolition.

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