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Thursday June 20th 2024

Franklin Library closing Oct. 20

Library will be closed about 3 months for 

rennovations, get items on hold from East Lake

Franklin Ave. Library will be closed for three months beginning Oct. 20.

Franklin Library will close for a three-month renovation beginning Sunday, Oct. 20, 2019. 

The library is scheduled to reopen after about three months.

The renovation will address immediate needs while a more comprehensive long-term plan is developed. Funds for the the capital projects come from bonding.

 During the closure, patrons are encouraged to visit other Hennepin County libraries nearby:

Ӣ East Lake Library, 2727 E. Lake St., Minneapolis

Ӣ Minneapolis Central Library, 300 Nicollet Mall

 All library materials on hold will be sent to East Lake Library. To change to another location, ask staff. The Franklin Library book return will also be closed during this time.

Franklin Learning Center will also be closed during the library renovation.

Hennepin County Library Capital Projects and Operations Administrative Supervisor Amber Lee answered some questions about the project for Alley readers.

What are the specifics of the work being done? 

The project will address immediate needs:

”¢ Restrooms ”“ ADA accessibility and safety improvements.

Ӣ Replacement of floor that is at the end of its useful lifespan.

Ӣ Improving sightlines to the public areas.

Ӣ Replacement of worn furniture and equipment.

These improvements are needed to support continued library operations and services while a more comprehensive long-term plan for the library is developed.

What are the challenges the library has faced that this project will resolve? 

It was important to understand the challenges and how this project would be able to address them. Franklin Library has not seen any major remodeling or refurbishments since 2005 and was built in 1914, adding to some of the challenges. We wanted to ensure we were able to do as much as we can to extend the life of the building but also to bring it up to modern times and usage by patrons and staff. Some of this includes, reconfiguring furniture and replacing existing worn furniture, improving sightlines and addressing safety concerns, and improving ADA accessibility to the restrooms.

What is exciting about this project? 

It is exciting to address the immediate needs of the building. This library location is heavily used and it”™s important to expand the buildings lifespan while also providing improvements needed for modern day use to support patrons and library operations and programming.

What is the plan for staff members during this project?  

Staff will relocate to other library locations during the closure. Among those are Building Patron Experience Supervisors and Co-Supervisors include, Abdirizak Dahir and Jessica Shaykett.

Get updates

Online informational updates will be provided throughout the closure for the community. Updates will be posted on Hennepin County”™s Library”™s website. 

Compiled by Tesha M. Christensen

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  1. Willie Suttle says:

    Great information! We will anxiously await the renovation completion!

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