Tuesday July 5th 2022

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Jana Metge””Phillips”™ Good Neighbor and Advocate ”“ Extraordinary day for an extraordinary quilt, for an extraordinary neighbor


Jana Metge, the Clean Sweep Event and Community Organizer Extraordinaire, was honored with a very symbolic gift of a quilt at the Stewart Park Clean Sweep Luncheon (held inside this year due to the early wintery chill). It couldn”™t have been more appropriate to the weather and acknowledgement of Jana”™s colorfulness, her connection with so many organizations, and the warmth she brings to every event, generally, and greeting of people individually. 

Beth Hart is another good neighbor great at making connections. She “connected” a recent experience of having a family quilt made to the idea of it being a way to acknowledge the incredible work Jana has done for decades for not only the Clean Sweep event but in constant advocacy with and for the Phillips Community.

Besides providing warmth for the day and offering important symbolism with the 16 T-shirts naming many Phillips organizations with whom Jana keeps connected, Project Repat, the business who assembled the T-shirts,
Beth Hart collected through the years, is on a mission befitting Clean Sweep Day itself. Project Repat states: “ The average American trashes 65 pounds of clothing per year. We”™re keeping T-shirts out of landfills and upcycling them into something new!”

Repat”™s motto is “Social & Environmental Impact: How much good can a T-shirt quilt do?” Well, if we reflect on Jana and her quilt as an example, a pretty high bar for the rest of us!

V.J. Smith

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