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Thursday June 20th 2024

Raise Your Voice – Glow lights against hypocrisy


In the small town Christmas season of my boyish years, atop the towering silos of the malting plant, the lights were strewn to form a teepee. At home, my Christian mother decorated a real tree. The living room reverberated all the inspired carols. However, it was the Nutcracker Suite which moved me to lead the siblings in a circle of running leaps.

More recently, a thousand lights swayed to the music of the New Power Generation. Actually, 10,000 had gathered to uplift Ilhan Omar and her guest, Bernie Sanders. Visions of socialism danced in our heads.

Who are the jihadis of love, compassion, and forgiveness? Millions of Muslim people and Ilhan are. They do not harken the ancient crusades”¦ the wholesale slaughter of a people who truly revered Jesus as a prophet. Ilhan Omar has written: “We must apply our universal values to all nations”¦ only then will we achieve peace.”

Why did it take 100 years for the United States Congress to condemn the Armenian genocide? For that matter, why do 1,000 points of darkness remain? Ilhan wonders the same.

Yet, the little-boy-man passed through, in part to augment the death threats leveled against our elected one. Will he even have the decency to repay our city for having protected his presence?

Meanwhile, Trump”™s corporate gangsters have sponsored a military coup in Bolivia. The indigenous majority will resist this intent to steal the lithium deposits.

Who or what then constitutes the most vile blemish on the face of the Earth? Actually, it is “America”™s Nuclear Tomb”. From the sky it appears as a monstrous canker sore, festering with all our Cold War waste. It is eroding now, in the wake of the climate crisis and rising sea levels.

When I was a child, my country nuked the Marshall Islands 67 times. For many years after, the island women described their deformed birthings as marlins, devils, jellyfish children, and grape babies.

Good people, we are fortunate to have Ilhan Omar as our Representative.

Brave Light, it is written.

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