Friday May 27th 2022

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Thank you!

THANK YOU to the wonderful following businesses and organizations!
Your contributions toward the food or great items for the raffle helped to make The Alley”™s celebration a terrific event.

A very special thank you to Crystal Windschitl, Phillips West Neighborhood Organization, and her invaluable assistance to help us host and make this event happen!

This event was guided into place and hosted by Alley Communications”™ Board Members: Cathy Strobel-Ayres, Board Chair, Thor Adam, Steve Dreyer, Lee Leichentritt, Frances Mendenhall, Gabriel Pass, Steve Sandberg

A special tribute for dedicated service
Beautiful, framed posters created by Ricardo Levins Morales and purchased through his studio allowed us to pay special tribute to the following folks for their 20+ years of dedication to Alley Communications: 

Leon and Elaine Oman for about 2 decades of Leon”™s participation on The Alley”™s Board and doing the bookkeeping for the organization and Elaine for her support in helping Leon to make this contribution of time and energy.

Jonathan and Amy Miller, in recognition of Jonathan”™s being an Alley intern from Carleton College about 20 years ago, a part-time Editor for The Alley and then its graphic and layout designer. Amy made it possible for him to serve in this capacity especially as they began to grow a family. 

Cathy Strobel-Ayres for two decades of her leadership on Alley Communications Board of Directors, currently serving as its Chair. This consistent dedication has been essential to helping The Alley persevere through its transition of the last couple of years.

The Alley has so appreciated the invaluable volunteer time, energy and contributions of each of the following 13 regular writers of The Alley Newspaper for over one year: Bob Albee, Roberta Barnes, Steve Dreyer, Sue Hunter Weir, Howard McQuitter, Peter Molenaar, Dave Moore and Linnea Hadaway, Brad Pass, Julia Robinson, Sunny Sevigny, Erin Thomasson, and Crystal Windschitl. 

Each person received a small framed card of the same print from Ricardo Levins Morales, a Welna Hardware reusable bag, and a voucher for free entry to the American Swedish Institute. 

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