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Thursday June 20th 2024

Peace House Community “Poetical Picture Story”

“A Little United Nations”


“As the person who has been at Peace House Community the longest (34 years), my heart is breaking,” emails Catherine Mamer. “Never did I think it would come to this, but I realized it was the only choice we had.” Peace House Community has had to close the doors for now to keep everyone at a safe distance.

“What do I love about the Peace House Community? Almost everything,” enthuses Catherine. “I love that it is a little United Nations. Where can you find so many people of so much difference all together and getting along? I love that people are mostly respected and learn to care about one another. I love that people who have moved away come back and are so happy to see us still here.

“I love that people write to us from prison and tell us how much they miss us and can”™t wait to come for coffee and meditation when they get out. I love meditation and that people share their wisdom and their pain and their life with others. I love that our volunteers are dedicated and never miss their days and stay for years.”

People often wonder how they can volunteer at Peace House Community. Catherine answers with her own experience. “I discovered I had so much to learn there, most of all that I was enough and did not have to always give something, but could just ”˜be there”™ and that was enough. Sitting and being with someone and listening to their joy and pain was enough.”

“Pray God we can reopen and begin welcoming our beloved Community very soon again.” Amen.

*This poetical picture story is by Mike Hazard. It is part of a project called Peace House People. The work will be exhibited at Franklin Library and Peace House when they reopen. The project is funded by an Artist Initiative grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board.

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