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Thursday June 20th 2024

CCC: Applause, Applause

Raise Your Voice


Yes, yes, yes”¦!

In response to decades of popular mass action and the concerted effort of such stalwarts as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar, President Biden has signed an executive order to create a Civilian Climate Corps. This CCC, reminiscent of the Civilian Conservation Corps of the Great Depression, will train and employ (hopefully) millions of people in environmental careers. The restoration of public lands, parks, and waters”¦ storm water management systems, solar panel installations, toxic waste clean up, and urban garden development is foreseen.

Hey, with this new impetus, will the East Phillips Urban Farm proposal advance to transform the Roof Depot building? Better believe it! Cautionary note: “Small government”™ voices and associated militias will denounce this New Deal as “socialist tyranny.”

Again from the local front: Our Powderhorn headquartered Land Stewardship Project deserves huge scoops of praise. LSP has developed and introduced a bill to our state legislature which dovetails perfectly with Biden”™s CCC. HF 701 will provide “motivating resources” to ensure that agricultural soil health practices are profitable from day one. “We can reach
100% soil health farming in Minnesota by 2040””clean our water, prevent erosion and run-off””sequester carbon [organic matter] as well as foster healthy pollinators, wildlife, people and more.”

Will the new CCC address the problem of homelessness? Everyone knows that homelessness has seriously vexed this neighborhood. Tragically, the camps have been largely Native American, and yes, heroin was in the mix. However, I know from experience: addicted persons long to prosper as contributing members of society. It follows that in addition to the resolution of logistical questions, the new CCC must become culturally aware and sensitive.

Moving forward on the basis of the past:
The historic CCC camps were mostly segregated by race, and the “she, she, she camps” were few and far between. Integration is now the order of the day, but antiracist supervision is called for.

Obviously as well, “man camps” must not be allowed to pose a threat.
On the other hand, Native Americans have the right to choose culturally specific camps. An agreement that they occasionally share their culture might resolve this contradiction.

Our ”˜popular front”™ strategy has knocked the fascists off their heels. Yet, we remain in the quantitative phase of the revolutionary process. For now, let us advance in quantitative leaps with the “qualitative leap” in mind.

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