Friday May 27th 2022

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the alley is looking for new board members to help steer the paper and join our community!

Board Member Wanted

The alley is happy to announce that its Editorial Leadership Committee is growing and producing new and interesting articles of interest to our readers while supporting our current long time group of volunteer writers . This is due in large part to new community voices and volunteers..

We are, however, in need of new volunteers to grow the Board of Directors. The Board manages the business aspect of Alley Communications. This includes contracting for and overseeing the services we need such as bookkeeping and business management as well as ensuring our financial stability with new sources of stable income. We have made great strides the last few years but now need your help to build our Board capacity to allow us to continue to build on our work.

Like reading our long running Tales from Pioneer and Soldiers Cemetery, Raise Your Voice, The Movie Corner or the Spirit of Phillips cartoon each month? Or maybe it”™s some of our newer offerings like our Transit column, our Covid-19 coverage from a contact tracer, or the Random alley News with short news summaries or following your neighborhood organization”™s news and events. Whatever your alley jam, come join the Board and help be a part of a community driven, volunteer run paper highlighting the often overlooked voices of the Phillips neighborhood.

We meet monthly for 1 1/2 hours and expect an additional few hours of time to complete needed tasks. All in all, most current members spend about 5-6 hours a month doing Board work. Do you have 5-6 hours a month to join us? We”™d love to have you.

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