Tuesday July 5th 2022

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Women’s Environmental Institute Again Offers Its Classes FREE to The Phillips Community!

By the Women’s Environmental Institute

Live, work, play, or pray in Minneapolis Phillips Neighborhood? Interested in organic farming, aquaponics, beer making? Foraging for food? These classes and more, are available from Women’s Environmental Institute (WEI) to folks in the Phillips Neighborhood completely FREE of charge.

1. Visit to see all classes. 

2. Click on “2022 Upcoming Classes,” which appears over the changing images.

3. Make a note of classes you would like to take and meeting dates

4. Click GREEN “Jobs Openings, Scholarships and Applications” label at the top of the page. 

5. Click on the link, “Registration for Residents of Phillips Neighborhood”. 

6. Fill in the application on this page using your note of classes you want to take. 

7. Click the submit button at the bottom of the page.

PLEASE WAIT for a response that will say “We have received your application and will get back to you shortly.” This statement verifies that your application has been received. 

For help, call 612-987-6563.

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