Saturday September 30th 2023

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Calling Youth Artists and Their Fans!

By the Editorial Leadership Committee

Have you been enjoying the interviews with young artists in our community? So have we. And we know there are many more cool and talented young folks to highlight in the alley pages.

The artists featured were super excited to be in the paper. Their families, too. Here are a few quotes:

Thank you for everything! It has been a wonderful experience to do the interview and just that you took your time to do this. I love the paper! It’s amazing! – Sha’Vontie, Dancer, Singer, Musician, Actor

That looks really good! Thanks so much for everything. I can’t wait to get a copy! – Orren Fen, Puppeteer

This looks great, Mary Ellen! I’ll be hitting up neighbors for their copies for the grandparents. – Orren’s Mother

Noelle became an instant hit with some of my extended family. They didn’t know she loved painting and now they are requesting (and offering to pay!) for her art. It’s built up her confidence. – Noelle’s Mother

The week Andrew’s article was printed, we got a ton of texts and comments from friends who read it. He got so much positive feedback. – Andrew’s Parents

Send an email to with a few sentences about the artist in your life. We can’t wait to introduce more exceptional young people to alley readers!

Our June artist, Sha’Vontie Rose Juneau Jackson Hosfield, photo by Janelle Hosfield.
May artist, Orren Fen, photo by Max Haynes

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