Friday February 3rd 2023

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Phillips Area Local Election Results

Compiled by Lindsey Fenner from preliminary election results from the Minnesota Secretary of State

MN State Legislature:

  • MN Senate District 62: Incumbent DFL Senator Omar Fateh defeated Republican challenger Andrew Schmitz with 90.28% of the vote.
  • MN House District 62A: DFL Representative Aisha Gomez ran unopposed
  • MN House District 62B DFL Representative Hodan Hassan defeated Republican challenger Taylor Hammond with 90.28% of the vote.
  • Representatives Gomez and Hassan are incumbents who swapped districts due to redistricting.

Hennepin County: 

  • County Commissioner District 4: Incumbent Commissioner Angela Conley ran unopposed
  • Hennepin County Sheriff: Dawanna Witt defeated Joseph Banks with 63.99% of the vote. Incumbent Sheriff David “Hutch” Hutchinson did not run for reelection.
  • Hennepin County Attorney: Mary Moriarty defeated Martha Holton Dimick with 57.59% of the vote. Longtime incumbent County Attorney Mike Freeman did not run for reelection.

Minneapolis School Board: 

  • School Board Member at Large: Collin Beachy and Sonya Emerick were elected, defeating KerryJo Felder and Lisa Skjefte. 
  • School Board District 3: Fathia Feerayarre ran unopposed.
  • Beachy, Emerick, and Feerayarre will all be new members of the School Board.

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