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Sunday June 16th 2024

The F-word Matters!

from the series Raise Your Voice


A picture of the author with a black face mask reading 'Solidarity'
Peter Molenaar

Here the f-word refers to the potentiality for a home-brewed fascism, i.e., an open dictatorship of the most chauvinistic sector of our capitalist ruling-class. Note: the false patriotism fostered by these imperialists infects our national consciousness, while Zionism, the ideology of the Jewish ruling-class, infects Israel. Hey, Biden is an imperialist, but he isn’t a fascist!

So, what is to be done in the electoral arena this time? Well, Biden’s refusal to negotiate with Russia, even as they amassed their troops, suggests what? To this we must add his vacillating complicity with Israel’s genocidal displacement campaign. Clearly then: WE CAN NOT ENDORSE HIM.

Yet, the conversation is ongoing….

MN 350 (headquartered at 4407 E. Lake Street) recently posed the question to its membership. After elaborating my opposition to Biden’s imperialism, I railed against the one who sells playgrounds to folks we could happily live without (i.e., the rich and the super-rich). Is Trump a fascist, or merely a master of word magic? Clearly, he panders to chauvinistic trends which enhance the possibility of a fascist state at some point in time.

What is chauvinism? Actually, it is a false sense of superiority which flows from ignorance. Opponents of chauvinism are labeled as “woke”. Alongside the development of artificial intelligence, we now have an emerging artificial stupidity. Chauvinism is the foundation of fascism!

In Trump, we have a skillful politician who panders to the entire array of chauvinistic expression (national, racial, sexual, religious). DRILL, DRILL, DRILL is a slogan which condescends even to Mother Earth. Those who oppose Little-Boy-Man are called “vermin”….

In this neighborhood, we are unanimously anti-fascist. Are we not? I suggest then that we cast our votes appropriately, but with no endorsement, even as we prepare for the day when the contradictions within capitalism are resolved by a radical transformation of property relations.


Peter Molenaar advocates a broad united-front, even as he describes socialism as the future solution.

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