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Monday April 15th 2024

‘Board Updates’ Archives

Orchids to Cathy Strobel-Ayres, Outgoing Alley Board Chair for 20+ years!

A beautiful award-winning Orchid would be the most fitting of all gifts as Alley Communications bids farewell to Cathy Strobel-Ayres’ service as an Alley Communications Board member for more than two decades! Orchids represent the anniversary of 49 years - the number of years the alley newspaper will have been in publication as of 2024. Cathy’s leadership and everyday participation (steady advice, taking notes, pulling together meeting agendas, supporting paid staff, schlepping stuff to community info fairs, et al) has buoyed the organization as it begins its 49th year of publishing the alley. She is a sterling example of a farm-girl who did well in the big city as she brought her awareness of the need to keep connected - learned growing up in a rural area at a time without cell phones and only a “party-line” hard wired phone. Before retiring a few years ago, Cathy spent time working at the Minnesota State Legislature, the Minnesota AIDS Project, and the University of [...]

A Look Back: Front Pages of 2023

Delivery Changes Coming in 2024…

In the January issue of the alley, watch for a more detailed announcement of another important change to the door-to-door delivery of the paper! The leadership of Alley Communications has decided to stop residential delivery of the alley in March of 2024 to reduce litter, plastic bags, and to save a bit of money. However, we want our valued community readers to have easy access to the paper and continue to receive it if you want it! FREE subscriptions will be offered! Watch for the instructions on how to sign up in the January issue!

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