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Monday July 22nd 2024

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Letter to the Editor – March ’24

All the Facts of Colonialism, Please I agree with the first half of Whitney Wildman’s Letter to the Editor, titled “Resistance is a Human Right”, in the alley newspaper, February 2024.Israel’s (Netanyahu’s) retribution for the October 7 massacre is horrifically out of proportion. Many Jewish people in the U.S. and in Israel would also agree. I disagree with Wildman’s take on the history of the area. The Jews living in Israel did not commit a “land grab”.Palestine was their ancestral home before most of them were driven out by the Romans hundreds of years ago. England acquired Palestine after WWI.They ceded it to the Jewish people as a homeland, ignoring the Palestinians.If this was a “land” grab or a “colonial project”, England is responsible, not the Jews, because Israel was their original home. Jesus was a Jew. Palestine also belongs to the Palestinians. A two-state solution is needed. Jane ThomsonSt. Paul, MN

Marcie Rendon’s Sweet Revenge

Marcie Rendon’s <i>Sweet Revenge</i>

from the series Something I Said By DWIGHT HOBBES Dwight Hobbes What’s An Indian Woman To Do When White Women Act More Indian Than Indian Women Do, part of a prose-poetry reading at Jungle Theater, was my first exposure to the bone dry wit of singularly gifted writer, Marcie Rendon. Catching her irreverent theatrical tour de force, Free FryBread at Bryant-Lake Bowl. a take-no-prisoners satire cum indictment of the prison system, I sat back in my seat, thinking, ‘Scared of her: this lady ain’t nothin’ nice.’ Her play, Sweet Revenge, receives a March 20th stage reading at the Jungle and I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Between books Murder on the Red River, Girl Gone Missing and upcoming releases, Anishinaabe Songs for the New Millennium and Where They Last Saw Her, she pretty much has two speeds, asleep and overdrive. Rendon took time for an email interview with the alley. Marcie Rendon. Photo: JAIDA GREY EAGLE Dwight: Maggie’s the matriarch, nurturing [...]

Cartoon March ’24

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