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by Jane Thomson

Above is the frequent lament heard from my son Randall, some 25 year ago, when he would come home from high school and look into the refrigerator. If he was looking for sugared soda pop or chips with greasy dip, he was right. Or perhaps my daughter”'s six-foot-five-inch boyfriend Doug had beat Randall to the snacks (“Thanks, Mrs. Thomson ”“ the cookies were great!”). Years later when my son was a young husband and father, and I was baby-sitting Ella (now 17), I would open his fridge, see leaves, roots and strange grains, and say to myself “There”'s nothing to eat around here.” And there are people who can look into the fridge (if they have one), any time, assess that there”'s nothing to eat, and be correct. Someone please write more about this!

The point I am leading up to is that if possible there should be some wholesome and interesting food for kids to eat when they come home from school. They may have eaten lunch at 11 a.m.. Some may go right to a job after the snack (if they can get jobs). Some kids may have extra-curricular activities after school and be really hungry when they get home.… Read the rest “Food Obsession: THERE”'S NOTHING TO EAT AROUND HERE!”

Winter”'s Bone & Despicable Me

Winter's Bone

By Howard McQuitter

Winter”'s Bone
Anonymous Content
Running Time: 100 minutes
Rated: R
Director: Debra Granik

If ever there was a heroine from opening to closing scene in a film, it”'s a new actress named Jennifer Lawrence, 18. Her character Ree Dolly lives in the Ozarks of Missouri, a harsh country with tin can houses, junk cars in backyards, an occasional horse or cow, and in this backwater, more than a few dogs.

Miss Dolly has plenty on her plate, taking care of two younger siblings, Sonny (Isaiah Stone) and Ashlee (Ashlee Thompson) and a mentally incompetent mother. Times are so hard Ree gives her horse Ginger, who hasn”'t eaten in four days, to her neighbor Sonya (Shelley Waggener). Ree is saddened by leaving her horse in another”'s care.

When Sheriff Baskin (Garret Dillahurt) shows up at Ree”'s front yard, asking for her dad, Jessup, who may have slipped bail after being arrested for setting up a meth lab, she tells him she doesn”'t know where he is.

An urban first home for roots, commitment, and creativity A Community Investment

Tell-Tales signs of home improvement to this unique house and setting by first-time home buyers Lotus Lofgren and Ian McNamara have many stories of their laborious efforts and also joys. In addition to projects remaining on the house, they continue to do landscaping including adding the brick colimns across the front and some at rear. They need more bricks to continue the columns across the front of recently added sideyard that will also become a community garden. Truly a great addition to our accolades called Kudos Homes and Gardens!

by Lotus Lofgren

In all, we looked at over one hundred properties. Every weekend we would create etch-a-sketch lines across town, peering in broken windows, walking through abandoned yards where the grass grew past my knees, and sheepishly apologizing to current renters as we disrupted their day, tiptoed around their child”'s play things and wondered where they would go once someone bought the place.

The houses held stories, old stories that we would never know, and others more recent and potent; an orange home that had suffered years at the hands of absentee landlords, been foreclosed on and left its tenants homeless. They scrawled their anger on the lime green walls, words written with human feces and punctuated with urine, a two story white house with all of the upper unit windows blown out from a grease fire in the kitchen.… Read the rest “An urban first home for roots, commitment, and creativity A Community Investment”

Seward Co-Op Creates Rating for Excellence and Cooperative Ethics “Principle Six” “preferred products” Debuts Oct. 2

by Lindsey Frey and Tom Vogel

Seward Co-op Grocery & Deli launches a new product rating system October 2nd that highlights products from small, local farmers and producers, as well as cooperative businesses. Going beyond the expected “organic” and “local” labeling, conscientious shoppers can select and purchase items produced in the most responsible ways possible.

Principle Six (P6) is an initiative created by Seward Co-op and five consumer grocery cooperatives nationwide in partnership with Equal Exchange, a worker-owned cooperative encourage consumers to use purchasing dollars to support small, local farmers and producers, as well as cooperative businesses.

“Historically, many co-op shoppers have aligned their grocery purchases with companies that best represent their values,” said Sean Doyle, general manager of Seward Co-op. “While organic and fair trade are very important, P6 takes into account other values, including support for local economies and quality small-scale production. We hope the P6 designation boosts sales for these producers and businesses, while also giving our shoppers a quick way to identify products and companies we”'ve vetted as ”˜the best of the best.”'”

FREE $5. Match to First $5. EBT Dollars Spent at 3 Markets on Produce

EBT Recipients Have a New Reason to Shop at 3 Farmers Markets

By Katie Eukel

Recipients of food assistance can now use their EBT cards to purchase affordable, healthy and tasty food at the Midtown, Minneapolis, and Northeast Farmers Markets in Minneapolis. These markets will also encourage EBT users to eat well by offering an incentive””Market Bucks coupons, which will match the first $5 an EBT user spends on fresh produce at these markets with an additional $5 in Market Bucks. That amounts to $10 in produce for the first $5 spent.

“Midtown Farmers Market was the first market in the Twin Cities to accept EBT cards,” says Jessica Ward-Denison, of the Midtown Farmers Market. “The Market Bucks program has already nearly tripled the number of EBT customers at the Midtown Market, compared to last year. We”'re excited to see EBT services launched at the Minneapolis and Northeast Markets this summer, and equally grateful that community partners sponsored the extra incentive so more people can come out and purchase delicious, affordable food!”

State Commissioner Recklessly Alters Locally Initiated Window Safety Legislation

by Jim Graham

Three years ago Minneapolis”' own Linda Berglin and Karen Clark, with a little help from yours truly, got legislation passed to require window fall protection, such as security screens, on all new window construction for multi-unit buildings. It was limited to multi-unit buildings as a compromise, and as a beginning, but also because a huge proportion of child falls came from apartment buildings. It was anticipated even that limited law might prevent up to 80% of child falls. And that it would eventually result in even concerned parents with single family homes installing such screens. Much like the CO regulations has successfully done.

The attention and work on that legislation came about because of the sudden awareness of the problem due to Laela Shagobay falling from a window four floors up in a newly constructed building that met ALL construction codes and regulations at the time. That building and some others put on “Safety” screens as soon as they could be designed to retro-fit the windows, and before “Laela”'s Law” went into effect.

“On Behalf of” or is it “In Behalf of?”

By Robert Albee

I consider myself a fairly experienced writer, though I wouldn”'t call myself a “man of letters” or anything as strong as that. You might have caught my story when I tried for a clever headline entitled, Five Separate Suitors Seek Space in the Phillips Community Center in last month”'s Alley newspaper. Two weeks later, I received a terse email from Crystal Trutnau of the Phillips West Neighborhood Association that was sent to me, the Alley editor, various neighborhood representatives and every Minneapolis Park Board Commissioner””indicating that I had falsely misrepresented the truth by stating “”¦ the Phillips Community Partnership proposal”¦was submitted by Ventura Village on behalf of all four Phillips Community neighborhoods and other long-term stakeholders.” The email said, “Phillips West made it clear they were supporting Waite House and not part of the proposal submitted by Ventura Village on behalf of the 4 Phillips Neighborhoods. It should have been the 3 Phillips Neighborhoods. I read the proposal submitted by Ventura Village yesterday [August 5th]. Phillips West is included in the entire proposal without our knowledge. My Board is not happy having our organization name associated with something they did not approve. As I stated yesterday Phillips West did not endorse the Phillips Community proposal and had no knowledge we were included in this proposal.… Read the rest ““On Behalf of” or is it “In Behalf of?””

Dave”'s Dumpster September 2010

Corrected past to remain “just” a story, replaced by “ trying to live a just life.”

by Frederick Fisher

Dear Editor in Charge:

Months ago I read an article in your paper from an ex-offender, who was maintaining his “Survival” in this world. [See June, July, and August, 2009 The Alley, “Starting Anew” and “Changing your life means hard work and no excuses.” all by James Davis] Upon reading these, I was inspired to Continue my Journey in this world. Upon my walk I have been forced to deal with harassment from cops, since they”'ve discovered my status as an ex-offender and being Native American. I moved out of the city and into the suburbs of Minnetonka, hoping for a better life and free from the troubles of the inner city; only to discover scrutiny and racial profiling from these officers.

What I am hoping for is that your paper will print this and give me some exposure, so that I can connect with people in the Community who may be able to help me with this problem.

Because I do not live within the city limits of Mpls., the Police Review Authority will not investigate my complaints and the Chief of Police disposed of my written complaints. Please believe me, I am not one to “cry wolf” and I am exhausted and very distressed.… Read the rest “Corrected past to remain “just” a story, replaced by “ trying to live a just life.””

Pull Together

By Peter Molenaar

Given the unprecedented economic, political and military power of the U.S. ruling class, it may seem like a pipedream to believe that we “ordinary” folks can advance socially even by small increments. But when the foundations of this colossal power are examined, definite weaknesses are revealed.

First, the system of corporate-capitalism is malfunctioning big time. Witness: the Wall Street meltdown, massive unemployment, stagnant wages, fruitless wars, and the developing life-threatening environmental crisis.

Second, only 1% of the population now owns over half of all stocks and bonds and the richest 5% holds 60% of all our country”'s wealth. In reality, there are a few thousand families with hundreds of billions in assets who control the main financial, manufacturing, extraction, media, communications, transport, aerospace and real estate corporations. Clearly, the wealth behind the power is concentrated in the hands of an extremely tiny group.

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