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A-Pod”'s September breakfast

A-Pod”'s September breakfast

A-POD : A Partnership of Diabetics sponsors two Diabetes Breakfast s monthly (1st and 3rd Thursdays)co-sponsored by Running Wolf Fitness Center, Native American Community Clinic, Waite Hose, Community-University Health Care Center, and the Indian Health Board at Phillips Community Center at 2323 11th Ave.  8:30-10:30 with great food and always a health specific speaker and information.

Needed: Thousands of Running Wolves!

By Jake (Richard) Jacobi Shortly after Running Wolf Fitness Center opened last fall in the Phillips Community Center, I and my neighbor joined. I”'d never exercised in a gym, and I”'m pushing 70 years. My neighbor”'s about my age. We found Running Wolf through our diabetes support group, A-POD (A Partnership of Diabetics). A-POD moved into rooms in the same newly reopened Phillips Community Center. In my prime, I was a pretty good walker, and I swam in lakes in the summers and irregularly swam laps in a club in the winters. Just the same, I developed longstanding ankle issues and let myself get too big. In 2009, five years into my retirement, I ran into my own personal buzzsaw: a torn hamstring from doing the splits on sidewalk ice, renewed ankle pain on both sides from favoring the hamstring and in August of that year, a diagnosis of Type Two diabetes with peripheral neuropathy of the feet, which makes me slightly balance-impaired. (more…)

Running Wolf Exercise/Excuse alike

By Jeane Moore My name is Jeane and I hate to exercise. I am 71 years old and overweight and diabetic. Being a diabetic, of course, puts me at a higher risk for kidney and cardiovascular problems. My mother and father both died of heart-related disease. So did one of my grandmothers and one of my grandfathers. But I let myself get to the age of being an elder without learning how to take care of myself, even with all those object lessons. Well, I knew how in my head but not my gut. Then a series of good-luck events happened to me. First, I ran into a neighbor, Jake, at a meeting and saw him without a coat on for the first time in months and he”'d shrunk! By half! He had lost 100 pounds. He gave me a ride home and I said what did you do and he explained his diet to me (he eats less”“who knew? But he had some very useful information on how to accomplish that) and mentioned his support group. I asked, very casually, if I might go to his support group. Well, he”'d see. And he did and I started attending A-POD meetings. (more…)

A-Pod CHAT: Advancing Opportunities through a Partnership of Diabetics

A-Pod CHAT: Advancing Opportunities through a Partnership of Diabetics

When A Partnership Of Diabetics (A-POD) was first designed and implemented, our goal was simply to create a community-based program for advancing the skills of persons with diabetes to become better self-managers of their condition. We started with POD-Tensives, a daylong workshop to introduce our strategies to participants and then sponsored weekly Meet-ups where participants could share the “mile-markers” on their journey toward better health and wellness. Meet-ups became and still are the key ingredient in A-POD”'s program because it”'s the time that participants can actually share their progress or problems with others with similar challenges. Meet-ups are more than a “support group” because we also track participant”'s numbers to demonstrate that with the additional focus on diabetes and learning new and better tools to manage our conditions, we improve! In a third party evaluation conducted by a graduate student from the University of Minnesota”'s School of Public Health we found that more than 90% of our participants have improved, using the same statewide criteria used by all Minnesota clinics and hospitals. A-POD has surpassed any other institution”'s success rate by more than 25 percentage points, yet at a fraction of the cost that other programs require. (more…)

Backyard Initiative Update

By Janice Barbee, Cultural Wellness Center Citizen Health Action Teams 14 Citizen Health Action Teams (CHATs) have been working just a few months, some for a year, and some over a year. 140 BYI residents have participated in a CHAT. The BY is one square mile area around the Midtown Exchange. Residents of those seven neighborhoods have been supported by the Cultural Wellness Center to develop and implement their ideas since December, 2008. Allina Health (recently changed from Allina Hospitals and Clinics) has contributed funds for these projects, with additional support from Twin Cities LISC (Local Initiatives Support Corporation). CHAT projects demonstrate the creativity, resourcefulness, energy, and commitment of community residents.  Here is a quick, alphabetical summary of the work of seven CHATs;  7 more next month. 1. Anchor Families CHAT:  established two “Anchor Families,” one in Central Neighborhood and one in Powderhorn Park Neighborhood, who take responsibility for supporting and organizing people on their block. visited one-on-one with neighbors, organized children”'s activities, supported people who have experienced a major tragedy, referred people to community resources, created a fellowship program for the teens of CHAT members, and helped neighbors to get to know each other. (more…)

PCPI Pitches PCC Proposal to Park Personnel

PCPI Pitches PCC Proposal to Park Personnel

by Robert Albee After three months of waiting, the Phillips Community Parks Initiative (PCPI) finally had an opportunity to present its proposal to the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) for leasing and participating in the operations of the Phillips Community Center. The actual written proposal was submitted July 9th and project organizers have been waiting ever since to formally address the opportunities face-to-face with Park Board staff and commissioners. Presentations were finally made on November 3rd and November 4th. MPRB staff members Don Siggelkow, Judd Reichert and Al Bangoura attended the two days of presentations provided by the Waite House, Soos Early Childhood Learning Center, Minneapolis Swims a “wellness” coalition including Native American Community Clinic, Running Wolf Fitness Center, Freeport West, A Partnership Of Diabetics (A-POD), Guri Nabad and Ventura Village neighborhood. The other three Phillips Community neighborhoods, East Phillips Improvement Coalition, Mid Town Phillips  and Phillips West Neighborhood Association were on hand supporting most of the other presenters and the notion of the MPRB and Phillips Community jointly supporting the Community Services Area (CSA), currently comprising Phillips Community and Eliot Park neighborhood. Soos represents a Day Care center seeking to move from South 33rd Street and Chicago Avenue and was not included in the group presentations but all the rest of the groups presented together as an applicant”'s coalition and then separately as the Pillsbury United Communities (Waite House), Minneapolis Swims and Soos. The response of MPRB staff was friendly and very responsive but stopped short of making any commitments to the applicants who will present their report and recommendations to the MPRB commissioners. Then the MPRB commissioners will then decide to approve or reject the request, which is expected to take place within the next four to six weeks. The [...]

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