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EARTH”'S AXIS ALIGNED @ 3:09AM utc* 9/23/2010 AWESOME AUTUMN ACTIVITIES BEGIN Franklin to & Lake St.

By Harvey Winje At 3:09 AM September 23, 2010, the Earth”'s axis tilted so that it was not away from or towards the Sun. The Earth”'s Equator came in alignment with the center of the Sun. On that date, day and night were of approximate equal time called the equinox. . Anticipating longer nights, people have begun planning and filling calendars with gatherings and events to garner enough celebration and camaraderie for sustenance during the winter months”“like squirrels gathering nuts for the winter.  The Alley announces many events from which to choose in this issue.  Pick enough so you don”'t lose.  There will be plenty of time to snooze. * *UTC Coordinated Universal Time used for many Internet and WWW standards, in aviation, weather forecasting, etc to avoid confusion about time zones and daylight savings; colloquially as “Zulu Time. (more…)

A Peace of My Mind a place to hear voices for peace

A Peace of My Mind a place to hear voices for peace

By John Noltner This exhibit is the result of almost two years of work, exploring the meaning of peace. The seed for this project was planted as two events in my photographic journey coincided. The first was a sort of restlessness I had been feeling for some time that I was not doing exactly what I had been made to do. The second event was the economic downturn, which provided me with some much-needed time for reflection and evaluation. I was born the son of a social worker and an educator, so I suppose there was always fertile soil for this sort of subject matter to thrive. I have always had an interest in social justice issues, serving on several boards for non-profits that did good work both here and abroad. Yet I am not an expert on peace. I have no formal training in the subject, and I hold no related academic degree. You can ask my friends”¦ask my family”¦and they will tell you that I regularly miss the mark when it comes to living in harmony with others. But being perfect is not the goal of this exhibit. This project is about moving forward”¦about finding ways that we can bridge some of our differences and about celebrating the common humanity that binds us all. I believe in the power of stories. Through images and words I have spent my career telling stories and that is what I have set out to do with this series. Each of these subjects has a unique story to tell”¦a unique perspective on peace”¦and I am grateful they were willing to share it. (more…)

“A Peace Of My Mind” Photo Exhibit to Open on United Nations International Day of Peace September 21 at Midtown Global Market

by Megan Swenson Twin Cities photographer John Noltner will open his new documentary exhibit, “A Peace of My Mind” at Midtown Global Market on Tuesday, Sept. 21, 2010, coinciding with the United Nation”'s International Day of Peace. “A Peace of My Mind” is a project that combines art and storytelling to explore the meaning of peace. Since early 2009, Noltner has interviewed 52 individuals about their thoughts on peace, including Holocaust survivors, a Buddhist minister, a homeless man, and many others. He asked what peace means to them, what they do to work towards it in their lives and what obstacles they encounter along the way. The exhibit showcases 24” x 36” black and white portraits of each of the subjects as well as excerpts from their interviews. Full audio from the interviews can be downloaded from the project”'s website, Visitors are encouraged to download these interviews to their MP3 players and listen to them as they view the photographs. (more…)

A Peace of My Mind a place to hear voices for peace: Stories

A Peace of My Mind a place to hear voices for peace: Stories

David A. De Lampert Jr. has been living on the streets of Minneapolis for the past 30 years. A veteran, he survives on disability checks and through gratuities people offer him. David spends his days inviting people to sign his coat with a permanent marker. When they sign, they will often give him a dollar or two “to help keep me going.” He has filled up more than 100 coats with signatures over the past decade, as well as hats, umbrellas, and canes. For David, collecting signatures began as a way to survive, but eventually became a way for him to reach out to other people. I feel it”'s the richest thing you got going for you is your name. As we fight in this world to obtain something for ourselves and to be somebody - nobody wants to feel like they”'re nobody, no matter who it is. I encourage people to believe, in my travels, that we are somebody. That everybody is somebody, regardless if you are an addict, alcoholic, or whatever. Whatever your vice is in life, I happen to believe you can be at peace with yourself. Get to know who you are. This has given me an opportunity to know me. People are so hard on each other, nitpicking and always looking for something wrong and wanting to put someone down. People don”'t know how to forgive. That”'s the one thing the world ain”'t caught onto yet, forgiveness. We have a problem with forgiving each other so we gonna have a problem with being at peace with each other. And then you got those who like to keep up a lot of razzamatazz. They like to keep up a lot of bullshit. There are those in this world who are not satisfied unless they are jamming somebody else”'s life up. And to find out there are people in high places who do things like that, it kind of frustrates me, because I work hard at maintaining my own peace down here. I don”'t get up there. I get to stay down here. And there”'s a great gulf between the ones at the top and we who are at the [...]

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