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Monday April 15th 2024

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June 2010 Food Obsession: No Waste or No Waist

by Jane Thomson It is criminal to waste food ”“ so thought my late husband, grandmother, and mother-in-law. My mother, on the other hand, said it was good manners to leave a little food on your plate. Surprisingly, so does Michael Pollan in his new book Food Rules (do not pay $12 for this book). I am in the middle on this issue: I know that gross waste of food is very wrong. I also think that cleaning your plate when you are already full is a double waste, first of the food and then of your figure and your health. The waste needs to be curbed earlier. Don”'t buy more than you can use or preserve and smell it later, rotting at the back of your fridge. At meals, don”'t overload your plate, as in “my eyes were bigger than my stomach” (eat it all, and soon they won”'t be). If you are at an “All You Can Eat” restaurant, load up on vegetables and protein foods. They are the most expensive anyway, so you will get your money”'s [...]

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