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CCC: “Snack Attack” a Cuisine Commentary by Courtney “Bridging” Sparse Budget and Appetite by “drizzle” and “slather” of inexpensive foods

By Courteny Algeo Normally I write a monthly column for The Alley about great places to eat in the Phillips Neighborhood. While many of the restaurants are affordable, there are times that going out to eat just isn”'t in the budget, as is the case for me this month. So, instead of going out to get a delicious prepared snack, I thought I might write a little bit about some ways to treat yourself during the leaner times in life. When my grandfather was still just a father, he and my grandmother (still just a mother) would skimp on their meals all week just so that every Friday they could have steak for dinner. Eating good foods is something that we all deserve, and should do every now and then to let ourselves know how proud we are of how hard we work. While I”'m not promoting eating a cake every day or something because you “deserve it,” treating yourself to a delicious snack can be one of the best ways to make a hard day worthwhile. But, how do you do this when there isn”'t a lot of money to go around frivolously buying succulent snacks and tasty treats all willy-nilly? (more…)

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