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Random Alley News

Random Alley News

By Lindsey Fenner East Phillips Neighborhood Group Partnering with Southside Harm Reduction Services for Syringe, Litter Pickup: The East Phillips Improvement Coalition (EPIC) approved $15,000 for Southside Harm Reduction Services”™ (SHRS) “Community Syringe and Trash Clean Up in East Phillips Project.” The funding will pay community members that SHRS serves in gift cards to help clean up the neighborhood of syringes and other litter. Based in South Minneapolis, SHRS “works within a harm reduction framework to promote the human rights to health, safety, autonomy, and agency among people who use substances.”  Public Housing Class Action Lawsuit Filed against City, Minneapolis Public Housing Authority: The complaint against the City of Minneapolis and the Minneapolis Public Housing Authority (MPHA)  was filed in  MN District Court in September, on behalf of public housing tenant Kimberly Lowry and other Minneapolis public housing tenants. The civil rights lawsuit alleges “longstanding and egregious discriminatory practices that have forced public housing tenants in Minneapolis to live in substandard and dangerous conditions.” The current Executive Director of the MPHA is Abdi Warsame, former Ward 6 City Council Member. New Program Providing Foreclosure Prevention Advising and Financial Assistance to Homeowners: Hennepin County and the City of Minneapolis have partnered with Minnesota Homeownership Center to create and administer the Hennepin Homeownership Preservation Program (HHPP). HHPP is promoting foreclosure prevention advising to Hennepin County homeowners, and limited financial assistance may be available under certain circumstances. The maximum amount available to any household through HHPP is $35,000. To determine eligibility for HHPP, applicants should complete the eligibility form at For assistance, applicants may call 651-236-8952.  Grants to Plant Your Own [...]

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