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Monday July 15th 2024

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Searching ”“ A Serial Novelle Chapter 19: (“I will go with you.”)

By Patrick Cabello Hansel When Angel and Luz came back into Denny”'s, Mother Light and Ana had left. Such is the wisdom of love. The cards were put away, and the plates of food on the table were in their original uneaten state, growing cold. Angel stood before the remnant of that strange Guadalupe night and said, “I”'m sorry. I kind of destroyed the mood.” He and Luz sat down, next to each other, almost holding hands, almost leaning into each other. If you had magical powers of listening to thoughts, here”'s what you would have heard inside each of our players: Angel: “I know there is something in me that is broken. I need to keep searching””for it, and for whatever is out there that is meant for me. I can”'t do it alone. But I”'m afraid to ask.” Luz: “I love this man so, but I don”'t really know him. I”'m not afraid of being hurt. I”'m afraid that I will hold back, give just a piece of my [...]

Searching ”“ A Serial Novelle Chapter 17: Family History [“Paper” proof of birth]

By Patrick Cabello Hansel As the party wound down, Angel danced one more dance with Luz. As the song melted away and they began to release their embrace, he noticed who was left in the room: Mr. Bussey, talking with Mother Light and Ana; Luz”' grandmother Dolores, and Angel”'s father, Augusto. It was nearly 11, and though tomorrow meant heavy work, Angel could tell no one felt like ending this party. There was still an hour left in December 12, one hour to celebrate la Virgen de Guadalupe. He called to Mr. Bussey: “Hey, where can we go to keep celebrating Guadalupe on such a beautiful cold night?” Mr. Bussey scratched his head and said, “The only place I know that”'s open is Denny”'s.” “Denny”'s!” Angel shouted. “Do you think they celebrate Guadalupe there?” Luz laughed. “I think it”'s the perfect place for Guadalupe Night!” So they put on their jackets and walked outside. [...]

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