Tuesday May 30th 2023

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Food and Lack of Nutrition

By Randall Gray For over the last 20 years I have noticed the foods I eat are getting to taste less and less as it should. I”'ve quit eating anything from a can, fast food restaurants (a.k.a. McDonald”'s, Burger King or any one of the sort), any food that is microwaveable or pre-made. While growing up, over 90 percent of the foods we ate were not pre-made, frozen or stuffed with so many ingredients that when you try to pronounce them, it seems like you”'re just trying to say some glorified word for a particle that you would rather use to adhere wallpaper to the wall. What ever happened to the ingredients on the package stating “fruit or vegetable, salt or sugar, vinegar or water? Have we wanted to preserve so much of our bodies that we have to add these chemicals to our foods? With all these different preservatives in our foods and the rise of all the different health issues we have now, isn”'t there a connection between the two? Years ago kids were not on medication for ADHD; it didn”'t exist! What are these chemicals doing to us, our bodies and our society? Let”'s look at what has changed from 1940 to now. You very rarely heard of anyone getting E-coli poisoning. Restaurants actually slapped the burger patties together and threw them on the grill. French fries were made from potatoes that came out of the ground””peeled, sliced, and deep fried. Salads were made from a fresh head of lettuce with dressings that were made from everything that was not loaded with processed anything. Now to what we have today...over 98 percent of all fast food restaurants have their food brought into the restaurant that has been pre-made in some factory, with additives, preservative and fillers that help enhance the food”'s taste. Yes, that”'s right! Additives to help enhance the food”'s taste! (more…)

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