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Great Granddaughter ”˜Uprights” Legacy and Its Marker for Another Century

Great Granddaughter ”˜Uprights” Legacy and Its Marker for Another Century

By Sue Hunter Weir Setting grave markers is a tough business. Wrestling blocks of stone that weigh several hundreds of pounds into place requires muscle and planning. Ensuring that the stones are level when the ground is uneven is tricky and tree roots don”'t make the job any easier. On Sunday, August 22nd, staff from Grave Groomers, a local restoration company, set about repairing the marker for Lina Quam. Mrs. Quam”'s marker is in the center island of the cemetery. Someone (it isn”'t clear who) planted a tree between her marker and the marker directly north of hers. It probably seemed like a good idea at the time. But over a hundred years later, the cottonwood is still there and still growing. As the tree has grew, its widening trunk caused the top of Mrs. Quam”'s obelisk-shaped marker to list, and within the last five years toppled it altogether. (more…)

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