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Green Tomato Cook-Off Results

by Claudia Slovacek Although it was a smaller turnout for the 10th annual Green Tomato Cook-off, the results of the cooks just keep getting better each year. We added a fourth category this year for dishes made with a MN produce/product and then blended it with the original three categories of sweets, savories and sauces/condiments. Sue Hunter Weir walked off with $100 as her prize for best of show with her Tomato Feta Pie (little triangles of phyllo hugging a delicious concoction of feta and green tomatoes). Stop by the 12th and 13th Avenue Community Garden sometime at 2727 12th Avenue and maybe Sue will share her recipe. (more…)

EARTH”'S AXIS ALIGNED @ 3:09AM utc* 9/23/2010 AWESOME AUTUMN ACTIVITIES BEGIN Franklin to & Lake St.

By Harvey Winje At 3:09 AM September 23, 2010, the Earth”'s axis tilted so that it was not away from or towards the Sun. The Earth”'s Equator came in alignment with the center of the Sun. On that date, day and night were of approximate equal time called the equinox. . Anticipating longer nights, people have begun planning and filling calendars with gatherings and events to garner enough celebration and camaraderie for sustenance during the winter months”“like squirrels gathering nuts for the winter.  The Alley announces many events from which to choose in this issue.  Pick enough so you don”'t lose.  There will be plenty of time to snooze. * *UTC Coordinated Universal Time used for many Internet and WWW standards, in aviation, weather forecasting, etc to avoid confusion about time zones and daylight savings; colloquially as “Zulu Time. (more…)

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