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CCC: “Snack Attack” a Cuisine Commentary by Courtney Ecuadorian “Countryman”'s” platter delights at Guayaquil

CCC: “Snack Attack” a Cuisine Commentary by Courtney Ecuadorian “Countryman”'s” platter delights at Guayaquil

By Courtney Algeo Although I tend to eat a lot of Mexican and Mexican-inspired foodstuffs, I recently realized that I”'ve never intentionally sought out other types of Latin American delicacies. Rather than sitting around all day trying to figure out why this is, I immediately decided to remedy this issue, and at the suggestion of a friend, dined at Guayaquil at Lake St. and Bloomington Ave. A simple Ecuadorian restaurant of modest decoration and awesome (I suspect) weekend karaoke offerings after 9 p.m., Guayaquil is almost hidden by all of the hubbub and bright colored buildings in the Phillips area of Lake Street. Despite its ability to blend in, I wouldn”'t recommend overlooking this lovely gastronomical gem. Having never sat down to an Ecuadorian feast, I wasn”'t sure what to order. Sure, Guayaquil had plenty of safe, same-old offerings like fried rice and fajitas, but I wanted something adventurous ”“ though not so adventurous as the items which included tripe. I wanted something new, that would knock my socks off and burn the name Guayaquil, and a map of South America, onto my belly. Under the menu heading “Especialidades de la Casa” one item caused for me the room to grow quiet, and my vision to tunnel: Bandeja Paisa. A dish that hails typically from Columbia, Bandeja Paisa is described in the Guayaquil menu as a “countryman”'s platter of fried pork, fried egg, fried sweet plantain, an arepa (corn cake) and avocado with beans and rice.” Though not a countryman, I am pretty much always interested in fried pork and avocados. (more…)

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