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New Book Casts Loving SPotlight on the “Sistas”

New Book Casts Loving SPotlight on the “Sistas”

By DWIGHT HOBBES This article first appeared in the February 4, 2021 Minnesota Spokesman Recorder Strive Publishing empowers youth through the enlightening tool of literacy, most recently with “Celebrating the Sistas,” an anthology/workbook showcasing Twin Cities role models for girls. While these are 10 women, it”™s worth noting, young males would do well to heed the examples. The subject said Strive founder Mary Taris, is “women of color making a difference in the fields of education, politics, business, health, and social services. This biography series is building a written legacy for the children while celebrating the strength, determination, care, success, power, and beauty of each sista. “Every child should have the opportunity to learn about the outstanding contributions of these sistas,” Taris said. The concept originated with Taris and entrepreneur Kevin Johnson, founder of the Twin Cities Steppers Association. “After attending the 2018 Celebrating the Sistas Annual Awards Dinner,” she recalled, “I kept thinking about all the amazing women who were honored. As an educator, I wanted to find a way to share the inspirational biographies of all the Black women who are working hard for the community. “So, I asked Kevin Johnson, the founder of Celebrating the Sistas, if he would be interested in partnering on a children”™s book series. Kevin was interested and we worked together to get the book project going.” She added, “This partnership creates a pathway for documenting our legacy while inspiring the next generation.” For example, there”™s Sharon Smith-Akinsanya, CEO at Rae Mackenzie Group CEO, the award-winning marketing firm advising corporations on profitably relating to communities of color. Clients have included Minnesota Timberwolves/Lynx, U.S. Bank, Target and Verizon Wireless. Accordingly, she is the [...]

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