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A Peace of My Mind a place to hear voices for peace: Stories

A Peace of My Mind a place to hear voices for peace: Stories

David A. De Lampert Jr. has been living on the streets of Minneapolis for the past 30 years. A veteran, he survives on disability checks and through gratuities people offer him. David spends his days inviting people to sign his coat with a permanent marker. When they sign, they will often give him a dollar or two “to help keep me going.” He has filled up more than 100 coats with signatures over the past decade, as well as hats, umbrellas, and canes. For David, collecting signatures began as a way to survive, but eventually became a way for him to reach out to other people. I feel it”'s the richest thing you got going for you is your name. As we fight in this world to obtain something for ourselves and to be somebody - nobody wants to feel like they”'re nobody, no matter who it is. I encourage people to believe, in my travels, that we are somebody. That everybody is somebody, regardless if you are an addict, alcoholic, or whatever. Whatever your vice is in life, I happen to believe you can be at peace with yourself. Get to know who you are. This has given me an opportunity to know me. People are so hard on each other, nitpicking and always looking for something wrong and wanting to put someone down. People don”'t know how to forgive. That”'s the one thing the world ain”'t caught onto yet, forgiveness. We have a problem with forgiving each other so we gonna have a problem with being at peace with each other. And then you got those who like to keep up a lot of razzamatazz. They like to keep up a lot of bullshit. There are those in this world who are not satisfied unless they are jamming somebody else”'s life up. And to find out there are people in high places who do things like that, it kind of frustrates me, because I work hard at maintaining my own peace down here. I don”'t get up there. I get to stay down here. And there”'s a great gulf between the ones at the top and we who are at the [...]

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