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Mixed Bag

by Peter Molenaar Unlike the esteemed guru who, it is said, once transcended all earthly attachments, the rest of us are bound to the spiritual ups and downs which reflect the satisfactions and irritations of our existence. St. Paul”'s Church, 11-11-11”¦ It was in conjunction with the 200th birthday of Wendell Phillips, renowned opponent of all forms of oppression, that this paper celebrated its 36 years.  The evening unfolded as a high pinnacle event for the activist community of this neighborhood. There was as well a high-point moment for this writer.  Despite his many years of socialist rantings in the space of this column, there was a warm ovation from an audience which included small business people.  So, let it be said:  The Welnas and Ingebretsens will have their place well into the future. (more…)

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