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Movie Coffin

Movie Coffin

By Howard McQuitter II Jane Russell, 1921-2011 Actress Jane Russell, 89, died the day after the 83rd Academy Awards--February 28--one of the most popular beauties of the silver screen in the 1940s in San Maria,California. She got her first role in the film “Outlaw” (1943) by director Howard Hughes, a movie the censors criticized for its provocative scenes of Russell”'s low-cut blouse. The movie barely got by the censors two years later in limited showings. “Outlaw” wasn”'t a particularly good movie, but the stunning beauty attracted male moviegoers by the millions. Jane starred in other movies “Young Widow”(1946),”Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” (1953), “Gentlemen Marry Brunettes” (1955) “His Kind of Woman”(1951), “The Las Vegas Story” (1951), “Mamie Stoyer” (1956) and “The Fuzzy Pink Nightgown”(1957), a big flop. Her roles past “Nightgown” nearly disappeared. For a short time she worked in television and then returned to the film “Fate is the Hunter” (1964). She did the film “The Born Losers” (1967). Her last film was “Darker Than Amber”(1970). If only Jane Russell has been a better placed actress beyond in more telluric roles, she was a better actress beyond her beautiful face and body. Jane was born in Bemidji, Minnesota, but moved to Canada and then to California. She was a life-long Republican and believed in pro-life causes. Russell didn”'t much care for some of the liberal actors and actresses in Hollywood.  

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