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“A Peace Of My Mind” Photo Exhibit to Open on United Nations International Day of Peace September 21 at Midtown Global Market

by Megan Swenson Twin Cities photographer John Noltner will open his new documentary exhibit, “A Peace of My Mind” at Midtown Global Market on Tuesday, Sept. 21, 2010, coinciding with the United Nation”'s International Day of Peace. “A Peace of My Mind” is a project that combines art and storytelling to explore the meaning of peace. Since early 2009, Noltner has interviewed 52 individuals about their thoughts on peace, including Holocaust survivors, a Buddhist minister, a homeless man, and many others. He asked what peace means to them, what they do to work towards it in their lives and what obstacles they encounter along the way. The exhibit showcases 24” x 36” black and white portraits of each of the subjects as well as excerpts from their interviews. Full audio from the interviews can be downloaded from the project”'s website, Visitors are encouraged to download these interviews to their MP3 players and listen to them as they view the photographs. (more…)

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