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Into Temptation & Jennifer’s Body

Into Temptation & Jennifer’s Body

By Howard Mc Quitter, II Into Temptation **** Director: Patrick Coyle Minneapolis based director Patrick Coyle is a tenacious, conscious man who has a passion for making movies or acting in movies. After seeing Coyle”'s debut film “Detective Fiction” (filmed in Minneapolis) a few years back, I knew this very talented man was due for bigger and better things which is now clear in “Into Temptation”. As such his film is introspective and redemptive, not draped in evanescence or sensationalism. Father John Buerlein (Jeremy Sisto), in the confessional presumably on a Saturday afternoon, a woman enters the confessional (the side with the screen) and begins to tell the priest that it”'s been years since her last confession. Since she feels her life is no longer of value, she plans to commit suicide on her birthday (which is soon), then walks out of the confessional before Father Buerlein can complete the sacrament with absolution. He”'s bothered by what she said but under church law cannot reveal a name and what he or she said. He becomes his own Sherlock Holmes at the risk of endangering his life, or opening himself to scandal or misunderstanding by his flock, his bishop, and/or his encounters with some louche characters. Attempting to find the mystery woman, Linda Salerno (Kristen Chenoweth), the priest asks his parishioner Lloyd Mantao (Bruce A Young) to assist him. Both men find her apartment but learn she has recently moved out. The hunt goes on; the priest goes alone at times, visiting a sex shop to inquire if anyone there knows her. The priest and Lloyd visit a pimp named James St. Claire (Ansa Akyea), who knows Linda but hasn”'t seen her recently. “Into Temptation” is similar to Irvin Kershner”'s 1961 film, “The Hoodlum Priest” where a Jesuit priest (Don Murray) works with ex-cons, prostitutes and juvenile delinquents in St. Louis. Walking down a seedy street, [...]

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