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Searching ”“ A Serial Novelle Chapter 22: “For whatever might come”

By Patrick Cabello Hansel By the time they reached Ingebretsen”'s there was a line out the store, down the block in front of the poster collective and La Que Buena, all the way around the corner on 17th. Angel”'s Mom and Dad decided to go to the Mercado Central rather than wait in line, but Angel and Luz were curious to see what this great fuss was about. When they got to the end of the line, they stood behind an elderly couple, holding hands and smiling. The woman nodded at them and said something that sounded to Angel like “Lotten barn in”. There was that word again: lotten. He had heard it from the strange man in the park; the waitress at Maria”'s had told him it meant “Let”. Let the barn in?” Angel thought. What is that supposed to mean? The woman noticed the perplexed look on Angel”'s face and said, “Don”'t worry; it”'s an old Santa Lucia day blessing. You two do know it”'s Santa Lucia Day, don”'t you?” “Yes!” Luz said, “That”'s why we”'re here! But what are all these people doing in line?” she asked. “Buying lutefisk, my dear”, the older gentleman said. “Lutefisk?” Angel said. “What is lutefisk?” He was beginning to tire from so many foreign words. (more…)

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