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Wednesday June 12th 2024

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Letter to the editor

Dear Editor, Has the electoral process withered while our legislators balked at compromise? The resignation of Senator Linda Berglin opens a seat to be filled by a special election.  The first campaign candidates”' forum at the Mercado Central August 26 brought up some traditional and newfound issues.  The citizens of Senate District 61 will decide by their votes which way to turn as we come to this fork in the road. Are the Minnesota legislators to remain in their traditional role of part-time service to the common good? Or are we headed on the path toward professional career politicians using the legislative process as a staging platform by which to create their next higher opportunity?  Infotainment has become a business.” Take a look and ask the questions.  Are media staff persons really jackals, as Governor Jesse Ventura liked to say?  “Is politics as usual ”really dead and buried?  Has governor Pawlenty”'s “no [...]

Sen. Linda Berglin retires from MN Senate and “Bridges” to County Health System

By Sen. Linda Berglin, Senator from District 61, “I have taken a job with Hennepin County that excites me because it will give me the opportunity to improve outcomes for many of the people I have served in the legislature. It also means I will be part of the effort to help Hennepin County and its partners succeed in implementing heath care reform. This does mean however, now that the state budget has been resolved, that I will be resigning my seat in the State Senate effective August 15, 2011. I want to take this opportunity to thank my constituents who have sent me to the legislature for many years. It has been rewarding for me to work on public policy that has improved the lives of many Minnesotans. I have had the opportunity also to work with many organizations that have helped me learn so much. Some of the highlights of my career include working on health care cost containment and access to affordable health care, mental health reforms to help people be [...]

Beyond Wisconsin

by Peter Molenaar March 13, 2011”¦ There were pleasant greetings between the handful of neighborhood folk who attended the most recent rally in Hudson. David Bicking was there. His handmade sign read: “Labor Creates All Wealth”. In jest, I pondered out loud, “Oh, I thought ownership of the means of production created wealth.” And then, yet another great semi-truck roared beneath our occupied overpass. Honk. Honk. Honnkkk”¦ Are public workers being unjustly scape-goated? Well, for starters, millions of good paying American jobs have been shipped overseas. And then came huge tax breaks for super-wealthy people in a time of war. To which we must add some wildly irresponsible Wall Street speculations and sub-prime mortgage schemes which culminated in a $700 billion bailout. You be the judge. My own handmade sign read simply: “Tax the rich”. Some long ago training as a draftsman found a nice expression. Requests for photo poses [...]

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