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Sunday May 19th 2024

Letter to the editor

Dear Editor,

Has the electoral process withered while our legislators balked at compromise?

The resignation of Senator Linda Berglin opens a seat to be filled by a special election.  The first campaign candidates”' forum at the Mercado Central August 26 brought up some traditional and newfound issues.  The citizens of Senate District 61

will decide by their votes which way to turn as we come to this fork in the road.

Are the Minnesota legislators to remain in their traditional role of part-time service to the common good? Or are we headed on the path toward professional career politicians using the legislative process as a staging platform by which to create their next higher opportunity?  Infotainment has become a business.”

Take a look and ask the questions.  Are media staff persons really jackals, as Governor Jesse Ventura liked to say?  “Is politics as usual ”really dead and buried?  Has governor Pawlenty”'s “no new taxes” pledge been saved by the Republican mantra of “no new compromise?”'”

These antics brought us to a government shut-down.  With this in mind, we must ask what are the needs of SD 61, and where is the political talent to match our issues and concerns?  We begin the first post shut-down election with one major party candidate, DFL Representative Jeff Hayden.  Where are the others?”

But this is not to be a one candidate contest.  [There are] ordinary Minnesota citizens ready and able to step up.  They and their supporters raised important questions, and they did so with honest and integrity.  They have the shellacking our politicians rightfully deserve.”

Alas, just one candidate had the technical knowledge of the electoral process to jump the DFL gate and be nominated to oppose Jeff Hayden at the DFL endorsement contest.  Does this mean the Party rules are serving us, or are they too much of a barrier?”

These and other questions, issues, and concerns brought forward by the citizens of SD61 comprise the substance of our electoral process.  Let the contest proceed!


Georganne Krause

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