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Why Phillips? Why Care?

By James Brewer Stewart Why is the Phillips Neighborhood named Phillips?”“Who was “Phillips”?”“Why should anyone care? Simply because this “Phillips” stands for a real person”“Wendell Phillips”“one of the world”'s most admired fighters for human rights and for equality for everybody”“ No Exceptions”“women and men, young and old, all colors, all backgrounds, all cultures.. That”'s right””“Phillips” stands for racial and gender equality, workers”' rights and social justice. It means standing strong for personal dignity. It means looking to the future with eyes full of hope. It means exposing and condemning racism, sexism and economic exploitation. It means treating everyone with respect. How perfect a name for Minneapolis”'s most culturally diverse, most heavily discriminated against, most economically exploited neighborhood! How perfect a name for the endlessly resourceful, ambitious, hard working people who make Phillips their home. O.K., who was this guy? (more…)

Wendell Phillips Bicentennial in Phillips

By Harvey Winje Dave Moore and I, went to Cambridge and Boston Massachusetts in early June to be a part of the Wendell Phillips Bicentennial Symposium, Social Justice: Then and Now.  We were inspired and ready to help plan Alley Communication”'s celebration this Fall near his birthdate, Nov. 29th.  Watch for future announcements.See Dave”'s newest “Spirit of Phillips” cartoon for his report on the symposium. Symposium Keynote Speaker and Macalester Professor of History James Brewer Stewart will be featured with articles in each of the next four issues of The Alley leading up to that event.  Stewart founded Historians Against Slavery (see as an organization to use lessons from the past to work on the issues of social justice that still need change. His articles will be addressed specifically to issues and cultures affected here in Phillips and published in English, Spanish, and Somali as recognition of Wendell”'s inclusive attitude of all cultures, classes, and nationalities. We will be using Phillips”'s poignant thought and words as a framework to assess current affairs and as advice to address  injustices today and tomorrow.  We will also continue to remind ourselves of the great pride we may have in our namesake and be proud to live and work in the Phillips Community.

“The Alley” Goes to Harvard Law School, Cambridge & Old South Hall, Boston “Spirit of Phillips” to be experienced by its Cartoonist and Editor from Phillips

By Harvey Winje, Editor, The Alley Newspaper Fifty-nine years ago, as a young boy growing up in Phillips, my parents enrolled me at  Wendell Phillips Junior High School on 13th Avenue and East 24th Street where housing stands now north of the Phillips Community Center Pool and Gym.  To the best of my recollection, no one ever told us who Wendell Phillips was or why the school was named from him when it was built in 1926.  The only reference to Wendell Phillips that I can remember is that a picture of him hung in the front lobby of the school. Forty years ago, I spotted a book titled Prophet of Liberty: the Life and Times of Wendell Phillips by Oscar Sherwin in a used book store where a dollar and a half bought me the explanation not given at our junior high school.  The life of Wendell Phillips opened a whole new endeavor of study for me of mid-19th century history.  By learning about the namesake of our community, I was also able to link our community”'s current struggles for human rights and social justice with people like Wendell Phillips who were willing to speak up and passionately debate and agitate for the rights of women, immigrants, slaves, and all other disenfranchised in the 1800”'s.  Learning about the life of Wendell Phillips has not only inspired me but has helped to ground me in my own pursuit of social justice for the Phillips Community in my work with The Alley Newspaper. (more…)

Phillips and The Alley Go to Harvard

By Susan Gust, Amy AusiÉirithe The Alley Newspaper and its editor, Harvey Winje, have been invited to be a part of The Wendell Phillips Bicentennial Symposium at the Harvard Law School Charles Hamilton Houston Institute for Race and Justice, June 2 ”“ 4. This exciting invitation was extended to The Alley because the Symposium”'s scholarly planning committee was enthused to discover a vibrant community with Wendell Phillips as its namesake. They were even more pleased to learn that the Phillips Community has embraced Wendell”'s spirit of discord and discourse as its means to seek justice in the same way that Mr. Phillips did some 200 years ago. Harvey Winje and The Alley Newspaper were invited to attend this symposium and present how the life and legacy of Wendell Phillips inspires our work individually and in the community. Dave Moore and Linnea Hadaway”'s poignant Spirit of Phillips cartoons will be also be featured at this symposium as a provocative way to popularize history and to exemplify issues that span generations. Harvey Winje and Dave Moore are honored to travel to Boston in June to attend this symposium and to represent the work of so many in the Phillips Community and in the pages of The Alley Newspaper. Cartoons that have appeared in the pages of The Alley Newspaper will appear as part of the power point presentation given by Wendell Phillips scholar and Macalester College professor, James Stewart, as part of his keynote address at the Charles Hamilton Houston Institute for Race and Justice, Harvard Law School. Additional cartoons and graphics depicting Wendell”'s words and their relevance in our community will be on display at the symposium. (more…)

199 Years later Wendell Phillips is still in “All the news that”'s fit to print.”

199 Years later Wendell Phillips is still in “All the news that”'s fit to print.”

Wendell Phillips, Phillips Community”'s namesake, still makes news as the agitator and moral guide.  The following article was in the New York Times this month.  Following the article, we have printed an e-mail exchange between the author of the article and James B. Stewart, Macalaster College, St. Paul.  Stewart is a professor of history and scholar/author of the life of Wendell Phillips. On Dec. 3rd 2010, The Alley Newspaper will celebrate Wendell”'s 199th birthday with a special carrot cake from Franklin Street Bakery at St. Paul”'s Church on 28th St and 15th Ave. from 6:00- 8:00 PM along with a Fundraising Silent Auction. Next year, The Alley will have a special 200th Anniversary of Wendell”'s birthday.  We”'re hoping to have James Stewart join us that day to help underscore the still relevant admonitions of Ann Green Phillips and Wendell Phillips. The Abolitionist”'s Epiphany By Adam Goodheart Boston, Nov. 7, 1860 Throughout most of the nation”'s history, it had taken weeks for votes to be counted and for Americans to find out who their new president was. But by 1860, telegraph lines ”“ more than 50,000 miles of them ”“ had spread so far and wide across the country that the results were in the morning editions of the next day”'s papers. (more…)

Summer of Solutions Workers Listening, Responding, and Supporting

by Martha Pskowski and Nalatlie Camplair At the beginning of June, six members of Summer of Solutions (SoS) moved into a house in Midtown Phillips. This summer residence serves as headquarters for the SoS program, a grassroots youth leadership program that focuses on building capacity and potential in communities to address social and environmental injustices. There are 15 full-time SoS members in the Twin Cities. Summer of Solutions, hosted by the non-profit Grand Aspirations, was formed by Macalester College students in 2008 and is now made up of young people from around Minnesota and the U.S. Participants will work on bike access, urban agriculture, energy efficiency and green manufacturing. Summer of Solutions will support existing local organizations that already work in these project areas and support them with their time and energy. For example, participants will be working with a variety of urban farms this summer, including several in East Phillips.  SoS is also working on creating networks of urban farmers to create jobs and keep “food dollars” in our communities. Another partnership with a for-profit co-op, Cooperative Energy Futures, seeks to create jobs and build community by capturing the savings from energy efficiency projects. CEF is working with Karen Clark to pursue the solution of improved energy efficiency in Phillips as a strong argument against constructing the Xcel transmission lines. CEF, urban agriculture and all the projects of SoS attempt to create new models to replace those that aren”'t working for employees, the natural world and our health. Redefining the priorities of both business and charitable work to build potential in communities is primary goal of Summer of Solutions. In all its work, Summer of Solutions tries to listen and respond to the needs and concerns of community members. The members are excited to be in the Phillips neighborhood and be a part of its rich tradition of [...]

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