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Searching ”“ A Serial Novelle Chapter 32: Crossing the Bridge

By Patrick Cabello Hansel The next night, the longest and coldest of the year, Luz and Angel were out on the streets walking. Their plans had only extended to meeting at the Mercado Central for dinner, but as they sat in the dining area””Angel eating a Sandwich Cubano from Manny”'s, Luz finishing off her Sweet Corn Tamal and Champurrado from La Loma””they noticed the exhibit of children”'s photographs on the wall. It had beautiful photos of children smiling and butterflies, and strange ones of shadows, feet, and junk in the alley. “Hey, look Luz,” Angel said. “It”'s called ”˜God”'s Backyard”'. What a weird name for a show!” “I think it”'s cute,” Luz replied. “Besides, isn”'t the backyard where things happen: barbecues, toddlers swimming in tiny pools, little gardens of tomatoes and chiles?” “Do you think we”'re in God”'s Backyard?” Angel asked, as they took their seats again. Luz paused for a moment. “This may sound weird, but I think we are God”'s Backyard!” (more…)

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