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MLK Author of A Memoir of Injustice Mayday Bookstore on May 13th 7 PM

Martin Luther King, Jr. was felled by an assassin”'s bullet on April 4, 1968 in Tennessee. The lone gunman, escaped fugitive James Earl Ray, was arrested for the crime and spent the rest of his life behind bars. Case closed. Except for one problem: he was innocent, and even King”'s wife and son agree. A Memoir of Injustice, by investigative journalist Tamara Carter, provides a behind-the-scenes look at the life of Ray, as told to her by Jerry Ray, his younger sibling. As Jerry freely admits, the Ray family was very dysfunctional from the word go. Many members spent time in prison, including the father, and the Ray brothers frequently found themselves in the Federal pen for any number of crimes. The book goes on to tell what it was like to be dirt poor, always on the run and is populated with all the nefarious characters that inhabit that world. The elder Ray had rented a room in Bessie”'s Flophouse on the orders of a mysterious drug smuggler he had met named Raoul. This was on the same day as the assassination. In addition, a 30.06 rifle that Ray had bought, again on Raoul”'s instructions, was found nearby in an arcade. A later ballistic test could not prove that the bullet fired from the rifle was the same as the one that killed King. All further attempts to retest the supposed assassin”'s rifle have been rebuffed by authorities. The authors feel this retesting would prove Ray”'s innocence. The book also names the people who were actually in on the conspiracy, including Frank Liberto, Loyd Jowers and the shooter, a local policeman and marksman. “This book is a must read for every citizen of the United States”¦The accounts in the book lead the reader to question the evidence in the case against Jimmy Ray and the corruption of those intertwined in the assassination of a great American leader”¦ Thank you to Tamara Carter and her great intellect and talent as a researcher and writer. I am so thankful [...]

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