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Smile Back Big Time

By Peter Molenaar January 14th, 2012”¦ Marv Davidov, the world-renowned activist who quietly resided at 2615 Park Avenue, has passed. All of us would do well to “google” his name. The numerous tributes are rich in content. Should you open “The Wild Reed” site you will find him pictured smiling from his death bed. Freedom Rides, 1961”¦ 40-plus days behind bars, “We were the first group of integrated prisoners in Mississippi prison history.” The freedom songs prevailed. This was the “moment of blessed human solidarity” which determined the remainder of his life. Sometime around 1970”¦ My small circle of student friends found itself among the many hundreds amassed outside the Honeywell (war) production facility. Marv Davidov stepped forward to proclaim: “Any person committing an act of property damage will be considered by the body of this gathering to be an agent provocateur.” I was deeply impressed. A tactic was deemed valid from the standpoint of its potential to draw broader masses onto struggle. Lesson learned. (more…)

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