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Searching ”“ A Serial Novelle Chapter 22: “For whatever might come”

By Patrick Cabello Hansel By the time they reached Ingebretsen”'s there was a line out the store, down the block in front of the poster collective and La Que Buena, all the way around the corner on 17th. Angel”'s Mom and Dad decided to go to the Mercado Central rather than wait in line, but Angel and Luz were curious to see what this great fuss was about. When they got to the end of the line, they stood behind an elderly couple, holding hands and smiling. The woman nodded at them and said something that sounded to Angel like “Lotten barn in”. There was that word again: lotten. He had heard it from the strange man in the park; the waitress at Maria”'s had told him it meant “Let”. Let the barn in?” Angel thought. What is that supposed to mean? The woman noticed the perplexed look on Angel”'s face and said, “Don”'t worry; it”'s an old Santa Lucia day blessing. You two do know it”'s Santa Lucia Day, don”'t you?” “Yes!” Luz said, “That”'s why we”'re here! But what are all these people doing in line?” she asked. “Buying lutefisk, my dear”, the older gentleman said. “Lutefisk?” Angel said. “What is lutefisk?” He was beginning to tire from so many foreign words. (more…)

Young Leaders”' Program

Young Leaders”' Program

The Young Leaders program was begun in 2006 by St. Paul”'s Lutheran on 15th Ave and 28th Street. After talking with hundreds of people in the area, one of the issues that rose to the top was the lack of programs for youth in the critical ages of 11 to 15. Based on successful programs in Milwaukee and Philadelphia, St. Paul”'s designed the program as a way to build job and leadership skills in youth. Each youth goes through an application, interview and probation process that is similar to the real world of work. If accepted, they are placed in a career team that does work to benefit the community, for which youth receive a stipend. They also receive training in such skills as interview techniques, oral and written reports and workplace safety, and make career day visits to workers in different fields. This summer”'s career days included discussions with Becky George of Mercado Central and Inspector Lucy Gerold of the 3rd Precinct of the Minneapolis Police Department. The Young Leaders”' work will be on display at the third annual “A Taste of Phillips” at St. Paul”'s, October 1-10. For more information on Young Leaders, contact Pr. Patrick Cabello Hansel at 612-724-3862 or Young Leaders”' Questions and Answers by Sami Pineda Do you like helping or seeing others help the community? Young Leaders is a program that teaches young people how to love and care for their community while acquiring job skills. (more…)

La Natividad Returns

La Natividad Returns

by Patrick Cabello Hansel One of the most unique partnerships in the arts takes place literally in our backyard: La Natividad, the bilingual Christmas procession and celebration that is a partnership between In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre (HOBT), St. Paul”'s Evangelical Lutheran Church and Mercado Central marketplace. La Natividad will return this December 10 - 20 to our community. This beloved holiday show combines street theatre, HOBT”'s expressive puppetry, and an outdoor candle-lit procession. Based on the Mexican tradition of Las Posadas, the audience moves from place to place and becomes part of the action. Beginning at HOBT”'s Theater and Mercado Central, the audience follows Maria and José through the streets as they look for refuge. The procession ends at St. Paul”'s Evangelical Lutheran Church, with the Nativity and a fiesta”” complete with music and food. Tickets for this unique performance and holiday celebration are on sale now, by calling 612-721-2535 or on-line. But perhaps even more important, community members can be a part of the show by being actors, puppeteers, singing in the angel choir or volunteering at one of the fiestas. There are plenty of roles for children as well. If interested, please contact the theater at 612-721-2535 or St. Paul”'s at 612-724-3862. Patrick Cabello Hansel, creative & amiable poet, author, dramatist, and pastor (and so, too, Luisa Cabello Hansel) St. Paul”'s Lutheran Church - 28th Street and 15th Ave. in Midtown Phillips. Writes a new Chapter for Novelle Searching in each month”'s The Alley.

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